Bright ideas for your candles

All your burning questions answered

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Bright ideas for your candles

From the moment you untie the grosgrain ribbon around your candle and lift the silver lid, you have decisions to make. Do you place it prudently on the mantlepiece. No, the dining table. No, actually, the mantel piece... Maybe you should have bought two? And, how to make sure it burns as beautifully as the day you bought it? We have an idea (or four) to help...

1. Light at the End of the Tunnel (ling)
Uneven wax be gone. Allow the wax to melt and pool right to the edges of the Candle the first time you light it –and hold that puff until it has. Very important. 

2. Let It Be
When the wick is first lit you might see a little smoke. Don’t panic. It just needs a little time to draw up the wax properly.

3. Get on Your Wick
Say goodbye to sooty residue. Snip to a quarter of an inch before every burn to make sure yours stays pristine and elegant at all times.

4. Compelling Combinations
What could be more delightful than the glow of one fragrant candle? Two, three, four. In different scents and sizes. Arrange into a spectacular centrepiece for your next dinner party.

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