Festive Gifts

From our palette of exquisitely simple and beautifully crafted scents, explore a curated selection of our most-loved fragrant treats. From full-bodied florals capturing the essence of femininity to the crisp zesty character of our citrus fragrances, find the perfect inspiration for scented gifts, daily indulgences and new rituals. 

Follow us into a festive forest of seasonal scents, cologne-decked trees and presents piled high. Learn more about Gingerbread Land.

Today's Gift: Receive four scented samples with orders over SAR 130.

9ml, 30ml, 15ml

100ml, 30ml, 65g

5 x 9ml

100ml, 30ml, 65g

9ml, 30ml, 15ml

3 x 65g



9ml, 15ml

x1 ea

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