Our Charity Mission

We are committed to supporting mental health and the profoundly restorative effect that nature has for those living with painful personal challenges. Raising awareness. Providing support. Stamping out stigmas, one step at a time.

We have long drawn inspiration from the natural world. The very existence of flowers and plants remind us that life can be unexpectedly beautiful. But it can also be unexpectedly hard. Not all wounds are visible. One in four people will be affected by mental health problems in their lifetime. Yet, it is still an underfunded and often unacknowledged illness. We want to break that taboo.

Our mission has always been to inspire, connect and uplift people through fragrance. And so, our work with mental health charities over the past decade is a natural evolution of this mission. To nurture the most vulnerable members of the community. To help people talk about their feelings. To create gardens where people can discover the restorative effects of nature.

To date Jo Malone London has donated over £2.5million to our mental health charities, helping to raise awareness and stamp out stigmas. Providing support. Empowering people to recover. Reconnect. Grow.

السفيرة العالمية والناشطة في مجال الصحة النفسية لدى علامتنا التجارية

تعرفوا إلى أدوا أبوَه. تجسد أدوا أبوَه قِيَم علامتنا التجارية التي تتجلى فيها روح اللطف، والتفاؤل، والشجاعة. وقد عزمت على نشر هذه القيم عن طريق تأسيس مؤسستها غير الربحية ’Gurls Talk‘ التي تكرس جهودها لدعم الصحة النفسية والسعادة لدى النساء والفتيات من جميع أنحاء العالم.

تبذل هذه المؤسسة جهوداً كبيرة لمحو وصمة العار المرتبطة بالحديث عن الصحة النفسية، وإنشاء مجتمع داعم، كما أنها تقدم مساحة آمنة سواء عبر الإنترنت أم واقعياً للفتيات ليتمكنَّ من المشاركة الصريحة والإنصات ودعم بعضهنَّ بعضاً دون إصدار أحكام أو سخرية. طرحت هذه المؤسسة غير الربحية مدونات صوتية أسبوعية، وأقامت فعاليات مباشرة ولقاءات عبر الإنترنت حتى تمكنت من الوصول إلى الملايين حول العالم.

Why Mental Health & Gardens

Traditionally, the British have a profound relationship with their gardens. For so many, green spaces can be a therapeutic haven, places to go when emotions need processing. A safe space to reflect and re-centre.

27% of the adult population in the UK¹ will have experienced at least one of a series of mental disorders in the past year. The cost of mental ill health in England is estimated at £105 billion per year².There is a positive correlation between access to green spaces and improved mental health. Parks and green spaces are estimated to save the NHS around £111 million per year based solely on a reduction in GP visits and excluding any savings from prescribing or referrals³. It is also said

that if every household in England had good access to quality green space it could save an estimated £2.1 billion on health care costs⁴. We have therefore chosen to support charities that specialise in mental health in four key areas: awareness, prevention, treatment and support. Working together on projects that provide a routine and a sense of belonging and achievement to those recovering and living with mental health problems. Projects connected to therapeutic horticulture and the restorative power that nature can provide.

To date we have supported the creation of seven charity gardens across the UK providing communities with better access to nature, specifically concentrating our efforts in urban areas where gardens may be scarce. The maintenance and care of these gardens reduce the mental health problems of those attending. The garden forms part of a therapeutic programme.

The space becomes a sanctuary for many. Encouraging individuals to develop their physical and mental health through routine and the sense of achievement gardening can provide. Helping people re-connect and grow.

To date we have supported the creation of eight charity gardens across the UK

Our Charity Candles

We are committed to funding all stages and aspects of mental health, focusing on: awareness, prevention, support and treatment. We have created four Charity Home Candles designed to stamp out stigmas, one step (and candle) at a time allowing us to continue to fund mental health charities.

75% (less VAT) of the retail price of each Charity Home Candle sold in the UK & Ireland goes directly to supporting mental health projects and inspirational charities who help individuals and families affected by mental health problems.

Our Charities

The donations are divided between the following charities:

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families (24%), Martineau Gardens (7%), NSPCC (10%), Phoenix Futures (9%), Pieta House (9%), the Redhall Walled Garden (SAMH Scottish Association for Mental Health) (9%), Rotunda Limited (5%), St Mungo’s (12%), Thrive (Society for Horticultural Therapy) (10%) and the Whitworth Art Gallery, The University of Manchester (5%).

Although much of our commitment is financial we also offer resources to our chosen charities. Our staff volunteer across many of the programs helping in our gardens and also give generously through sponsored events and charity sales. We feel privileged to provide advice and consultancy to all of our partners, ensuring that they are given support across communications, event planning and increasing the awareness around their initiatives.

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Our People & Our Workplace

Nurturing talent and supporting the wellbeing of our teams is important. We strive to create a welcoming workplace that embraces inclusivity.

Our Sustainable Practise

The natural world will forever be our muse and we hope to play a part in protecting it as we work towards a more sustainable future.

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